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Berlin Walking Tour: Berlin for Kids

Berlin offers a wonderland of educational and entertaining experiences for young explorers. Legoland Discovery Centre brings imagination to life with its interactive exhibits. The Museum of Natural History (Naturkundemuseum) fascinates with its prehistoric giants and natural wonders. FEZ-Berlin provides a playground of learning and fun, while Tierpark Berlin invites kids to meet creatures from around the world. Labyrinth Children’s Museum challenges minds and bodies with its inventive play spaces. This tour is designed to spark curiosity, inspire learning, and create memorable family moments in Berlin’s rich cultural landscape.

Tour overview

Legoland Discovery Centre

Legoland Discovery Centre is a playful paradise for families, packed with interactive Lego-themed activities. Build, play, and explore the colorful world of LEGO in this dynamic indoor playground. Did you know the center features a miniature Berlin built entirely out of LEGO, providing a fun and educational perspective on the city’s landmarks?


Naturkundemuseum showcases a vast collection of natural history exhibits, including dinosaur fossils and a stunning mineral display. It’s an enlightening experience for all ages fascinated by the natural world. Fun fact: the museum is home to the world’s tallest mounted dinosaur skeleton, the Giraffatitan brancai, which towers impressively over visitors.


FEZ-Berlin, Europe’s largest non-profit children’s, youth, and family center, offers a wide range of activities that inspire and educate. It’s a place where fun and learning go hand in hand. An interesting tidbit: the center hosts numerous themed events and festivals throughout the year, making every visit unique and engaging for children and their families.

Tierpark Berlin

Tierpark Berlin, one of Europe’s largest zoological gardens, is home to thousands of animals from all over the world. Explore diverse habitats and learn about wildlife conservation in this expansive green oasis. Did you know the park is situated on the grounds of the former Friedrichsfelde Palace, which you can also visit within the park?

Labyrinth Kindermuseum

Labyrinth Kindermuseum invites children to a world of hands-on discovery and play. This interactive museum stimulates creativity and curiosity, making it a must-visit for families with young explorers. A fun fact: the museum’s exhibits are designed to be fully interactive, encouraging children to touch, play, and learn through direct engagement.

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