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Free self-guided audio city tour app

Discover cities
like never before

Start your free audio tour from anywhere

Discover cities how you want it

With Explory you can start your own city audio tour from anywhere and whenever you want

Listen to unique city stories

Discover those hidden stories about places in cities, that only a few locals know

Skip the crowded tourist groups

Be independent when you explore the city. No more waiting for groups or buses

Don't pay for your tours - it's free

Every tour is 100% free on Explory. Just download the app and start exploring

A whole city's story
on your phone

Focus on what really matters.
Explory is easy to use, intuitive and has tours for any age group.

Start anywhere

No matter where you are, Explory will create the perfect audio tour route for you.

No hands needed

Enjoy your city tour without distractions. You audio tour will guide you to your next location!

A smartphone shows how Explory guides the user through the free self guided audio tour in Berlin

Engaging stories

Enjoy stories with immersive ambient sound and clear audio, even in noisy environments!​

Totally free

We believe that discovering cities should be open to everyone. That’s why
we keep Explory free.

This is what Explory sounds like

Explory combines the most intriguing stories with authentic ambient sounds. 

Listen to our audio sample below!

Self-Guided Audio City Tours - powered by AI

With AI powered storytelling, an intuitive guiding system and breathtaking audio design,
Explory will make your trip unique.

a young traveler couple in Berlin using the city audio guide app explory

Listen to the audio tours that YOU want to hear

The Explory database draws from a rich pool of historical data, local legends and cultural insights, only handful of locals would know.

Now all those stories are at your fingertips.

Try Explory in your city

We can’t wait to share your cities story with you. Explory will release in Spring 2024 – subscribe to our newsletter to be the first Exploree!

See what other Explorees
say about their adventures!

We love exploring new places just like you do.​

Just tried Explory, and wow, it's free and fabulous! Started my tour anywhere, got lost in the stories, and didn't even need to look at my phone. A+ experience!
Explory's my new go-to travel buddy! Love the freedom to start exploring from anywhere. The immersive sound effects are just icing on the cake. Totally recommend it!
Had the chance to test out Explory, and it's brilliant. The audio guidance is spot on, and the stories are fascinating. Plus, it's free, which is incredible!
Explory is like having a personal tour guide in your ear, minus the cost. The soundscapes are so real, and I love diving deeper into each POI. Super cool.
Gave Explory's beta a whirl and was blown away. The audio tales are so engaging, and I love that I can get extra info if I want.
And it's free!
Okay, so Explory is a game-changer. Who knew you could tour a city without staring at your phone? Plus, it's free. Definitely worth checking when it's out!

Frequently Asked Questions about Explory

Explory will launch as a free self-guided audio tour app in Berlin at first. More cities will be added very soon.

Yes, the app is completely free to download and use. There are no hidden charges or fees for accessing any of the tours.

The app is designed with a simple, intuitive interface that makes navigation easy for all ages and tech skill levels.

Currently, the tours are available in English and German. We are working to include more languages to accommodate a wider audience.

Absolutely! The app allows you to pause and resume the tour whenever you need to take a break or explore something interesting.

The app offers flexibility to explore at your own pace, detailed historical context, and the ability to visit more locations without the constraints of a scheduled group tour.

Get ready for Explory

Discover immersive self-guided audio tours for your city.
No hidden cost. 
No subscriptions.

Coming in Spring 2024!

Two smartphones showing the interface of Explory. One phone is show the logo of Explory, the other one shows a tour description
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