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Berlin Walking Tour: Berlin Water Tours

Kreuzberg, Spandau
Experience Berlin from a unique perspective on water tours that navigate through the city’s heart and beyond. A cruise on the Spree or Landwehrkanal unveils Berlin’s historic and modern facades from the tranquility of its waterways. The Wannsee, Tegeler See, and Müggelsee offer escapes into nature, where the city’s hustle fades into serene landscapes. These water-based explorations provide a refreshing look at Berlin’s architecture, culture, and leisurely spaces, revealing the integral role water plays in the city’s identity and lifestyle.

Tour overview


A Spreefahrt offers a leisurely boat tour along the Spree River, providing a unique vantage point of Berlin’s landmarks. Glide past historic and modern sites, relaxing under the sky as the city’s history unfolds around you. Fun tidbit: the Spree River is sometimes referred to as Berlin’s “lifeline,” having played a crucial role in the city’s development over centuries.


Drift through the scenic Landwehrkanal, a lesser-known waterway lined with leafy banks and charming city views. It’s a peaceful escape from the bustle, perfect for photographers and nature lovers. Fun fact: the canal was built in the mid-19th century to help regulate the city’s water levels and remains a picturesque part of Berlin’s urban landscape.


Wannsee is a beloved recreational area featuring one of Berlin’s largest lakes. Its sandy beaches and historic villas make it a popular summer getaway for swimming, sailing, and sunbathing. Fun fact: Wannsee is also home to the infamous 1942 Wannsee Conference, where Nazi officials planned the logistics of the Holocaust. Today, it’s a place of leisure and reflection.

Tegeler See

Tegeler See, set in a quaint borough, offers a variety of water sports and walking trails. Its picturesque setting is ideal for family picnics and bird watching, providing a serene day out away from city noise. Fun fact: the lake is named after the Tegel district and is home to an island that houses the remains of a medieval castle, adding a touch of history to your visit.


Müggelsee, Berlin’s largest lake, invites nature enthusiasts and water sports fans alike. Its expansive waters are perfect for boating and windsurfing, while surrounding forests offer peaceful hiking opportunities. Did you know the lake is fed by several small rivers and is a popular spot for ice skating in winter when it freezes over?

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