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Berlin Walking Tour: Third Reich Tour

This tour takes you through the ominous era of the Third Reich in Berlin. Visit the Reichstag, symbolizing political power; Topography of Terror, documenting terror’s mechanisms; and the Olympiastadion, showcasing grandiosity. The Holocaust Memorial solemnly commemorates the victims, while Tempelhof Feld tells of wartime and beyond. Each site offers a stark reminder of the past, urging reflection on the lessons learned from this dark chapter in history, ensuring that the memories of those affected are preserved and honored.

Tour overview


Return to the Reichstag to appreciate its historical gravitas and architectural grandeur. The building’s rich political legacy and its role in shaping modern Germany make every visit uniquely insightful. Fun fact: you can still see graffiti left by Soviet soldiers in 1945, preserved as a reminder of its turbulent history.

Topographie des Terrors

The Topographie des Terrors, situated on the site of former Nazi institutions, offers a stark reminder of the atrocities committed during WWII. Its thorough documentation challenges visitors to reflect on the past. Did you know the site was once the headquarters of the Gestapo and the SS?


Visit the Olympiastadion, a site of Olympic history and numerous record-breaking events. This architectural marvel also serves as a venue for thrilling sports and music events. Here’s a secret: the stadium was used for the 1936 Olympics, where Jesse Owens famously won four gold medals, challenging Nazi racial ideology.


The Holocaust-Mahnmal, with its 2,711 concrete slabs, offers a haunting, maze-like experience in memory of the Jews murdered during the Holocaust. It’s a powerful site of remembrance and reflection. A little-known fact: the number of slabs has no symbolic meaning; the artist left it ambiguous to provoke personal interpretation.

Tempelhof Feld

Tempelhof Feld, once an airport, now serves as one of Berlin’s largest and most unique public parks. Visitors can bike, skate, or simply relax on the runways, enjoying a blend of nature and history. Did you know it was once one of Europe’s largest buildings and played a crucial role during the Berlin Airlift?

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