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Berlin Walking Tour: Schöneberg Spaziergang

Explore the rich history and vibrant culture of Schöneberg.

Tour overview

Rathaus Schöneberg

Rathaus Schöneberg, the historic town hall, is famous for its role in post-war Berlin, including John F. Kennedy’s iconic „Ich bin ein Berliner“ speech. The building’s architecture and historical significance make it a prominent landmark in Schöneberg. Visitors can explore the site and learn about its important place in Berlin’s history.

Bayerischer Platz

Bayerischer Platz is a charming square in Schöneberg, surrounded by residential buildings and green spaces. The square is known for its peaceful atmosphere and historic significance, reflecting the district’s architectural and cultural heritage. It’s an ideal spot for relaxation and enjoying the local ambiance.


Akazienstraße is a bustling street in Schöneberg, lined with cafes, boutiques, and restaurants. Known for its vibrant atmosphere, the street offers a diverse range of dining and shopping options. It’s a popular destination for locals and visitors alike, providing a lively experience of Schöneberg’s urban culture.


Viktoria-Luise-Platz is a picturesque square featuring beautifully landscaped gardens and a central fountain. Surrounded by elegant buildings, the square offers a tranquil setting for relaxation and leisure. It’s a popular gathering place for residents and a charming spot to experience Schöneberg’s architectural beauty.


Rudolph-Wilde-Park is a large urban park in Schöneberg, known for its expansive lawns, walking paths, and scenic views. The park provides a green retreat within the city, offering opportunities for picnics, outdoor activities, and nature appreciation. It’s a beloved space for the local community and a highlight of Schöneberg’s green offerings.

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