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Berlin Walking Tour: Art and Culture

Mitte, Kreuzberg
Berlin’s art scene is as diverse as its history. The Museum of Modern Art and the Berlinische Galerie showcase contemporary masterpieces, while the Pergamonmuseum offers insights into ancient civilizations. The Kulturforum is a hub for a variety of artistic expressions. A street art tour through Kreuzberg reveals the city’s pulse, where every wall and alley becomes a canvas reflecting societal themes, creativity, and rebellion. This tour invites you to delve into the layers of Berlin’s cultural landscape, uncovering the vibrancy and dynamism that fuel its artistic heart.

Tour overview

Museum für moderne Kunst

Dive into the contemporary art scene at the Museum für moderne Kunst, showcasing groundbreaking works that push artistic boundaries. Explore diverse exhibitions that reflect the dynamic pulse of modern artistry. Fun fact: this museum often collaborates with local artists for special exhibitions, making each visit unique.

Berlinische Galerie

At the Berlinische Galerie, discover Berlin’s unique artistic identity through a vast collection of modern art, photography, and architecture. A cultural gem that captures the evolving spirit of the city. A lesser-known secret: the museum’s building was once a glass warehouse, now creatively repurposed to house art.


The Pergamonmuseum is an archaeological wonder, home to ancient treasures and monumental exhibits like the Ishtar Gate. A visit here is a journey through history that transcends borders and eras. Did you know that parts of the Pergamon Altar were excavated by German archaeologists in the 19th century and brought to Berlin?


Kulturforum is a cluster of cultural gems including museums and concert halls. Its modernist architecture beautifully contrasts the classical styles seen in other parts of Berlin, offering a fresh artistic angle. Here’s an interesting story: the area was once a wasteland after WWII, and the Kulturforum was developed as a cultural counterpoint to East Berlin’s Museum Island.

Street Art Tour durch Kreuzberg

Explore Kreuzberg’s gritty charm on a Street Art Tour. This neighborhood is a canvas for renowned and rogue artists alike, showcasing works that range from politically charged to purely aesthetic. A fun fact: Kreuzberg’s street art includes pieces by famous artists like Banksy and Blu, making it a global hotspot for urban art.

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