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Berlin Walking Tour: Film and Television

Mitte, Charlottenburg
Discover the cinematic heart of Berlin with a tour that takes you behind the scenes of the city’s rich film heritage. At Filmpark Babelsberg, delve into the world of movie-making, exploring sets and learning about film production. The Deutsche Kinemathek celebrates Germany’s cinematic history, while the Sony Center offers a glimpse into contemporary film culture. Moviemento Kino, one of the oldest cinemas, connects you to indie film scenes. This tour is an ode to Berlin’s influence on the silver screen, blending history with the magic of storytelling.

Tour overview

Filmpark Babelsberg

Step into the world of cinema at Filmpark Babelsberg, where movie magic comes alive. Explore film sets, witness stunt shows, and learn about filmmaking in Germany’s oldest large-scale film studio. Fun fact: the studio has produced over 3,000 films since its opening in 1912, including classics like Fritz Lang’s “Metropolis.”

Deutsche Kinemathek

Deutsche Kinemathek offers a deep dive into the history of German cinema and television. Its extensive archives and engaging exhibitions are a treasure trove for film buffs and history enthusiasts alike. Did you know the museum includes original props and costumes from iconic German films, offering a tangible connection to the country’s cinematic heritage?

Sony Center

Sony Center, a striking example of modern architecture, lights up Potsdamer Platz with its futuristic roof and vibrant cultural events. It’s a perfect spot for architecture lovers and night photography enthusiasts. An interesting detail: the roof is designed to resemble Mount Fuji, reflecting Sony’s Japanese origins and adding an exotic touch to Berlin’s skyline.

Moviemento Kino

Moviemento Kino, Berlin’s oldest cinema, offers a nostalgic journey through the history of film. Catch a screening of indie and international films in this charmingly quaint theater. A little-known fact: the cinema opened in 1907 and has maintained its classic charm while embracing contemporary films, making it a beloved venue for movie enthusiasts.

Filmkulissen Tour

Discover behind-the-scenes secrets with a Filmkulissen Tour. This guided exploration takes you through various movie set locations around Berlin, offering insights into the city’s significant role in international filmmaking. A fun tidbit: Berlin has served as a backdrop for numerous Hollywood films, and the tour reveals the magic of how the city’s streets become movie sets.

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