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Berlin Walking Tour: Berlin's Sports History

Charlottenburg, Prenzlauer Berg
Journey through Berlin’s dynamic sports history, from Olympic triumphs at the Olympiastadion to the spirited community gatherings in Mauerpark, once part of the death strip dividing East and West. The Friedrich-Ludwig-Jahn-Sportpark and Velodrom highlight the city’s commitment to sports as a unifying force, while the Horst-Dohm Ice Stadium showcases winter sports‘ popularity. This tour celebrates Berlin’s athletic heritage, emphasizing the role of sports in healing, uniting, and inspiring the city through times of joy and challenge.

Tour overview


Visit Olympiastadion, an iconic venue known for its fascinating history and architectural grandeur. Originally built for the 1936 Olympics, it now hosts major sports and music events, offering a blend of past and present. Here’s a secret: the stadium was used for the 1936 Olympics, where Jesse Owens famously won four gold medals, challenging Nazi racial ideology.


Friedrich-Ludwig-Jahn-Sportpark is a hub for athletic pursuits, where locals engage in various sports. Its historic significance as a sports venue in Berlin adds another layer to its modern vibrancy. Did you know the park is named after Friedrich Ludwig Jahn, the father of gymnastics in Germany, and continues to honor his legacy through its various sporting events and facilities?

Mauerpark (ehemaliges Grenzgebiet)

Mauerpark, once part of the Berlin Wall’s death strip, is now a vibrant urban park known for its lively flea markets and public karaoke. It’s a symbol of Berlin’s transformation and community spirit. A fun fact: the name „Mauerpark“ literally means „Wall Park,“ as it used to be part of the Berlin Wall’s death strip.


The Velodrom, an architectural marvel, is primarily known for cycling events and concerts. Its unique design and atmosphere make it a must-visit for those interested in sports or looking for an unusual concert venue. Did you know the Velodrom is one of the largest indoor arenas in Europe and features a distinctive, elliptical roof?


Horst-Dohm-Eisstadion is a beloved local ice rink, popular among families and winter sports enthusiasts alike. It offers public skating and hockey games, making it a lively spot during the colder months. Fun fact: the stadium was opened in 1974 and named after Horst Dohm, a former mayor of Berlin’s Wilmersdorf district.

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